peak differenceOur goal at Peak Performance Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine is to help patients return to their active lifestyles as quickly and safely as possible.

By taking time with our patients, utilizing the latest research, and communicating with other health care professionals involved with the case, we are committing all of our energies toward getting you back in the game!

That’s the Peak difference!


Spending a generous amount of time with our patients is our top priority at Peak Performance Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine. And, that’s what makes us unique. It allows the physical therapist to perform a complete assessment, develop and execute an individualized treatment plan, thoroughly educate patients about their dysfunction, and ensure precise performance of their home exercise program.


Our all-encompassing physical therapy treatment sessions address issues such as posture, lifting, body mechanics, home exercise instruction, and patient education. Our clinical innovation is based on practical and scientific physical therapy studies providing us with up-to-date well-researched treatment methods. Our approach to physical therapy begins with a thorough assessment of biomechanics, neurological deficits, muscular strength, flexibility, and joint mobility.

Treatment techniques and exercises are individually tailored to rehabilitate the patient most effectively and efficiently. Physical therapy sessions include patient education, joint mobilizations, soft tissue mobilization, neuromuscular re-education, stretching, strengthening, establishment of a completely individualized home exercise program, and physical modalities as needed. At each visit, we address patient progress toward their goals, aiming to return them to work, recreation, and sports as quickly and safely as possible.


At Peak Performance Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, our patients have full access to our equipment, free of charge, at any time during the course of treatment. This accelerates progress in physical therapy by allowing them to exercise and strengthen affected areas on days when they are not formally seen for therapy. In addition, this access to our facility promotes improved exercise compliance, a speedy recovery, and decreased physical therapy costs. Once discharged from physical therapy, patients may, for a nominal cost, continue using the center independently to ensure further improvement.


We strongly promote an active approach to treatment by educating each physical therapy patient about their dysfunction and emphasizing the importance of self-management.

We stress the importance of continuing education for our employees to ensure well-researched, updated treatment approaches. We strive to return our patients’ to their work, recreation and sports as quickly and safely as possible.


We believe that frequent and thorough communication between the physical therapist and other health care professionals is an essential element in providing quality patient care. In order to keep the referring physician informed about the treatment and progress of the patient, paperwork is performed punctually. All physical therapy initial, progress, and discharge notes are processed and forwarded promptly.