Journey Dockham | DPT

Physical Therapist

[email protected]

Journey Dockham is a most welcome new addition to the PEAK team. She’s a native Minnesotan — Duluth, more specifically — which is just about as close to being a Wisconsinite as anyone can get. 

For as long as she can remember, Journey’s been fascinated by the movement of the human body. The pursuit of Physical Therapy brings together her loves of anatomy and making a difference in people’s lives. 

Journey loves being able to harness the power of Physical Therapy to the benefit of her patients. She never ceases to marvel at its capacity to help resolve not only physical conditions for the patients she treats, but also relieve symptoms related to neurological disease, dizziness, orthopedic conditions, and so much more.

Journey’s a great cheerleader! She actually makes it fun for patients to self-motivate — empowering themselves to achieve recovery and long-term wellness. Though new to the team, Journey gets it…that PEAK difference. She inherently cares first about the person, not just the injury or ailment. That’s a special quality that can’t be taught.

On a personal note, Journey and her husband love the outdoors — hiking, kayaking, and traveling. In addition to their quest of visiting all the U.S. National Parks, they have a little obsession for collecting house plants and perfecting their sourdough bread. 


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