physical therapyPhysical Therapists (PTs) are the experts in the field of physical therapy. They provide examination and treatment of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular problems that affect people’s ability to move and function in their daily lives.

Because people of all ages, from the newborn to the very aged, have the need to move and function, physical therapists work with patients across their lifespan.

Who needs Physical Therapy?

The physical therapist provides services aimed at preventing the onset and/or slowing the progression of conditions resulting from injury, disease, and other causes. The physical therapist provides these services to people of all ages who have limiting conditions resulting from:

Top Three Reasons to Attend Physical Therapy:

  1. To get relief from pain
  2. To develop an individualized exercise program
  3. To learn proper exercise technique and ways to give muscular protection to bone and joint structure

Choosing a Physical Therapist

The services of a physical therapist may be accessed directly by contacting the clinic of your choice. We highly recommended that you investigate and ask questions. Occasionally, an insurance company may require a direct referral from your physician. If this is the case, our staff can help you determine the insurance requirements and assist you in securing that referral.

Most insurance policies will cover physical therapy services at a number of different clinics. Check with your policy and the clinic you are interested in using to determine coverage and visit our Insurance Coverage page for more information.