peak difference water bottlesAll physical therapists and physical therapy practices are NOT created equal. We promise to put our patients first and to focus on what’s best for them. Always. We are driven by several philosophies that assure this:

One-on-one, undivided attention

Your therapy session is your time, and we thoroughly respect that. That’s why you will be the only one seen by your therapist during your appointment – a full, 40-minute physical therapy appointment strictly dedicated to your recovery.

Highly trained, licensed physical therapists

You will always see a physical therapist at your appointment. In fact, we only have licensed physical therapists on staff. No physical therapy assistants. No physical therapy aides. Just highly qualified, highly- skilled licensed physical therapists.

It’s all about you

Every session is tailored to your physical therapy needs. We make adjustments according to your progress, and we promise to listen to your concerns and questions along the way. Tell us. We’ll listen. Question us. We’ll answer. Each session is as important as the next, with goals to accomplish in mind, and takeaways to prepare you for the next appointment. It’s all about you, your progress, and your ultimate success.

Treating beyond the injury

Physical therapy sessions are all encompassing. Yes, we focus on your specific injury, but we also address issues such as posture, lifting, and body mechanics, because in some way, shape or form, it all relates. Our procedures are based on practical, scientific physical therapy studies that have all the up-to-date treatment methods.

Quality over quantity

As a one-location physical therapy facility located in Appleton, Wisconsin, we have 5 therapists and 2 administrative assistants – all with impressive credentials as well as compassionate hearts. We’re a small group of people with big hearts. The “hellos” are sincere and the “good jobs” and “you can do its” are earnest. We are dedicated to helping you recover, as well as building a relationship with you so you can trust us with helping you do so.

Special physical therapists, specialty physical therapists

Every physical therapist at Peak Performance is trained, licensed, and highly skilled. Our therapists are also experts in various physical therapy specialties, including pregnancy, dry needling, running, and more.

The doctor is in

To assure you get optimal and continued care, we keep your healthcare provider up-to-date on your progress. We will consult with him or her if need be, and all physical therapy initial, progress, and discharge notes are processed and forwarded promptly.

Our home is your home

You have full access to our equipment, free of charge, any time during the course of treatment so you can exercise and strengthen affected areas on days when you are not formally seen for therapy. And, to help keep you fit, you can continue to come once you are finished with physical therapy.