Running is a great option for getting physically active, reducing stress, and staying healthy. Although it is a healthy way to exercise, and studies have shown the benefits of daily cardio movements, it can be physically demanding.

Pain or discomfort that stems from running and other physical exercise may come in the form of an achy knee, sore lower back, or hips. If not treated correctly, it can lead to agony and other medical conditions from the deterioration of joints, tendons, ligaments, tissues, or cartilage.

Failure to properly treat your condition can lead to:

The Peak Performance Difference:

Often times when you feel pain in your lower back it could be attributed to problems stemming from your hips or lower leg. At Peak Performance, we go beyond just alleviating the surface level pain. We dig deeper to find the root cause of your discomfort in order to have you back out and running at maximum efficiency.

With our running gait analysis, our physical therapists can perform a video recording documenting your running form. This allows us to go through your motions frame-by-frame and view a slow-motion digital playback so we can determine any asymmetry or biomechanical abnormalities in your running gait. We then work to correct your form which will help reduce the amount of pain you experience while running.

Your visit at Peak Performance includes:

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