Healthy Diet: Apple Pie Smoothie

Posted on Oct 05, 2015

Posted in: Healthy Diet

There comes a moment when you finally feel like summer is over.  There are the obvious signs like the autumnal equinox, the turn in weather or the change in leaves.  Then there are signs that feel more personal.  For me it is the way the sun sits lower in the sky and doesn’t warm my patio anymore.  Or the way my garden looks tired from the long growing season.  Most of all, though, I find myself craving things like pumpkin pie, caramel apples and anything cooked long and slow in the oven.  September is a quirky month because the summer bounty is still rolling in but then apples start to appear and, with it, the first whisper of fall.  You are stuck between seasons, culinarily speaking.  The grill sees a lot of action and tomatoes and corn are still in heavy rotation on the meal plan.  Then we get one cool night and, instead of salads, I want a hearty stew.  By the time October rolls around there is no more doubt about it: tomatoes and corn are out and apples and pumpkins are in.  Right now, due to two separate apple-picking forays, I am up to my ears in apples.  In honor of October, my favorite month of the year, I will be posting only apple recipes.  Today I am making Apple Pie Smoothie.  It is a satisfying and healthy snack for any time of the day.  Kids love it too.

Apple Pie Smoothie


Put all your ingredients in a blender and puree until smooth, about 30-60 seconds.

apple pie smoothie