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Posted on Mar 05, 2017

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We enjoy writing this blog and hope you enjoy reading Peak’s posts.  If you’re reading this you obviously found our blog, but do you subscribe to it?  Since we write this blog for you, we thought it would be a good idea to get some feedback from someone who subscribes to Peak’s blog.

Angie is in her 30s and a busy mother with two small children.  She subscribed to our blog after moving to the Valley a year ago.  She took some time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions about P Blog.

What are some of the features that attracted you to Peak’s Blog?

“Many health sites provide readers with the how, but not the why.  For example, a site might show readers how to strengthen their cores, but not why.  The emphasis is too often on physical appearance alone, and Peak Performance further focuses on body benefits, injury avoidance, and overall health information.  I feel better educated and I appreciate that.  I feel that the goal of the blog is to inform.”

Do you feel that blog effects your daily routine?

“Yes, it offers simple and effective tips for maintaining a healthy diet.  One tip I’ve referred to frequently (from Healthy Holiday Strategy) is the holiday treat trick.  The post posed a simple question, “Would I be eating this if it weren’t a holiday?”  For example I when I was tempted by pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving I stayed the course, because normally I wouldn’t indulge.”

Has subscribing to the blog changed your workout routine?

I’m not a runner, so I appreciate that the blog offers alternative exercise activities.  I was in jazz dance as an adolescent and I’ve now found my way back to dance as a fun exercise routine and stress reliever.”

Any other thoughts?

“I like that the articles are timely.  Like one post stated, I have a tendency towards hibernation in the winter.  However, the blog offered great suggestions for winter activities.  I now plan to take my family snowshoeing.”

Hopefully your experience with the blog is a similar experience. We welcome your ideas, and enjoy reading your comments.

If you haven’t subscribed yet what are you waiting for?  It only takes a minute:

  1. Go to the Peak Performance page
  2. Click on the Blog tab from our menu
  3. Enter your info on the right border

That’s it! Now you’re set and will be notified when every a new post is published.


If you’re not a subscriber we encourage you to sign-up.  We look forward to providing you with more patient success stories, community events, and recipes to round out your healthy lifestyle.