Exercise Trends: Jogger Strollers

Posted on Jun 12, 2015

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Jogging strollers are on a roll at Peak Performance

Staying active is a crucial part of life, but is often overlooked by new moms and dads as they try to keep up with their growing children. Although staying active is hard for most parents, the moms at Peak Performance showed me some tricks to balance work, kids, and exercise. The answer is jogging strollers.

running with stroller

Image by Al Herms


I didn’t realize how popular these strollers were until the ladies were raving about them during lunch. Not only are they an incredible workout- with that extra weight, but their kids love it. Through the hundreds of brands and types you can choose from I got some insight on the favorites at Peak Performance.



bob ironman stroller

As the owner of Peak Performance Physical Therapy, finding time to exercise has been a task for Kari. Thanks to the help of her Bob Ironman Jogging Stroller, she is able to run four times a week. Not only does her son have a blast going along for the ride, but it also gives Kari the ability to continue her passion for running.






stroller and carseat

Sold at Graco.com

Nikki’s Graco Fast Action Fold Jogger Click Connect  Stroller is all-inclusive as it has a car seat base that can convert into a ‘regular’ seat for older children. Although the name is a bit  wordy, this functional stroller guarantees  satisfaction as it grows with your child.








Molly fell in love with the Thule brand after trying out their biking equipment and discovering what a good and dependable brand they are. Her Thule jogging stroller is her most used exercise equipment as it allows her to continue training with the company of her little girl.







Here are some quick tips from the pros:

Don’t let being a parent and your career stop you from exercising. Make it happen! Stay healthy for your future and your children’s future.