Wisconsin Activities: Cool Down At Your Favorite Wisconsin Outdoor Pool This Week

Posted on Aug 17, 2015

Posted in: Wisconsin Activities

It’s amazing how fast these summers fly by. As we wrap up our summer 2015, be sure to take your last trip to your favorite Wisconsin outdoor pool. Although some of the valley’s best pools have already closed for the season, this week is the final week for the remaining pools in our area. Burn off those extra calories, finish getting bronzed and enjoy Wisconsin’s hottest days at our fabulous public pools.

mead pool

Of my favorite pools around the valley, Mead has to be my personal favorite. As a kid I used to spend everyday on the high dive and practically lived on the slide. Going back with my little sister and cousins brings back fond memories from when I was a kid. Although Mead hasn’t changed a bit since I little, it’s still as great as it was when I was 10. Of it’s featured attractions, the slide has to be the best. Although I seem to go a lot faster on it now then I did when I was a kid, it is a crowd favorite. Even when it’s barely over 70 degrees the line to that slide always goes down the stairs while the kids and parents are shivering waiting for it to finally be their turn.

After venturing out of the comfort of Appleton, I came upon the Neenah pool. I had never been to this pool until this summer when I was bribed/forced to go by my 7 year-old sister who had been raving about it all summer. When we got there, I was pleasantly surprised that it was such a nice space backed up right onto Lake Winnebago. The best part of this pool is that it has a shockingly large area that is shallow. This makes it great for kids who are just learning to swim and for parents who are watching their kids play. Overall, it is a great place for kids of all ages with two slides and diving boards for older kids and shallow water and a sand area for the younger kids.

This last pool is located a little bit further away in Green Bay. Although I have never been to this specific pool, it has great reviews. Joannes Aquatic Center is decked out with two large slides, a diving board, wading and swimming area and much more. This large pool is sure to please the whole family and keep everyone cool and entertained on a hot August day.

Instead of spending the last few weeks of summer indoors and playing video games because it’s simply too hot out, take your friends, kids or family to the pool and have a last hoorah before the first day of school creeps up on us. Hit up those pools for their final week!