Exercise Trends: Fitness Challenges At Work

Posted on Jul 24, 2015

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Here’s a challenge: let’s transition from sedentary to active with the people you spend everyday with. With a little extra push from several of your friends, being active never felt so good. Even if you think you have no time for exercise, think again. There is no excuse not to sneak in some quick body weight exercises especially if they can be done in the comfort of your own office, cubical or chair.

Workplace Challenges:

Who can get the most steps in a week: Pedometers are pretty easy to come by these days. Challenge your co-workers to a friendly competition of who can earn the most steps around the office in the week. You pick the prize for winners, but it must be health and wellness related.

Workplace weight loss: Lose weight together. Challenge yourself to a losing weight as a group. See your total weight loss over a couple weeks and even a month.

Healthy Pot Luck: Share your favorite recipes with your co-workers. Not only is it fun to find tasty new food ideas, but what brings people together better than food?

Exercise Trends: Fitness Challenges At Work

Favorite Ways To Stay Active At Work:

Do Calf raises

Do Body Weight squats: while you’re typing something up or waiting for the printer to print or copy something.

Take a lap every around your office every 15 minutes: get up to tell someone a message instead of emailing them or hand deliver something to your boss.

Walk the stairs at lunch or go for a lunchtime walk: Extra co-worker bonding time!

Do lunges: Make it a group thing, so you don’t feel so silly doing it alone

March in place in your chair: For when you can’t leave your desk or you’re in a meeting

Stay balanced with single leg balance exercises:move you head side-to-side or close your eyes to make it more challenging.

Plank it out: When you’re feeling tired do a plank and find yourself quickly re-energized

Do chair dips: If you’re just not feeling legs today

As you can tell, there are a million ways to stay active throughout the day in the office. If time is a factor in why you’re not getting your exercise in, then these exercises are a simple solution to your problem. Use your co-workers and boss as your motivators. Get them involved and make it something fun for everyone.

Exercise Trends: Fitness Challenges At Work