Healthy School Lunches: Breaking the PB & J Rut

Posted on Oct 07, 2016

Posted in: Healthy Diet

Occasionally we will be re-sharing our posts from the past, kind of a Flashback Friday if you will.  We felt this post from two years ago was still very relevant with great ideas to free yourself from the PB & J rut.

Now that kids have been back in school for a month you may already find yourself falling into the same lunchbox routine.  A variety of healthy school lunches are easier than you think.

School lunch is an essential part of your child’s day.  There are several studies that show children that eat nutritious lunches have more active lifestyles and are more likely to excel in school.  Poor nutrition can be responsible for inability to focus and students feeling sluggish or tired.

This article is very applicable to packing your own lunch too, as adults we are guilty of “Do as I say not as I Do”.  During the busy work day skipping lunch to run errands seems very acceptable, until you crash around 2 o’clock.  A lot of the lunch ideas in the attached article are just as appealing  to adults.  Get yourself a fun lunchbox and enjoy!