#ChoosePT: How Physical Therapy Can Help You Save on Healthcare

Posted on Jun 18, 2018

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Peak Physical Therapy After Knee SurgeryDid you know seeing a physical therapist can help you save money for your overall healthcare? If you have ever taken medications, had a surgery or needed imaging, you know the cost of care adds up quickly. Many of our patients find that by investing in physical therapy at our clinic they save money on medications, visits to doctors and procedures. We have even helped patients avoid surgery!

Our patient testimonials on our website and social media (Facebook. Yelp and Google) describe how our practice operational model helps patients save money. We focus on patient-centered and quality care. We don’t double-book appointments and patients receive 1-on-1 care with a licensed physical therapist. Our assessments are efficient because we stay current with evidence-based research and are well versed in multiple specialty areas.

Physical Therapy Costs Explained

Our team addresses insurance and financial questions during our first consultation with a patient. While every situation is unique, there are a few physical therapy cost questions we often address. For the benefit of our patients, we have answered three common questions in this blog post.

Q: My health plan does not provide physical therapy benefits. How can I receive physical therapy care?

A: Physical therapy should be a mandatory covered service as of 2015. We advise patients to call and check on their insurance benefits and ask their provider for Certificate of Benefit (COB) documentation.

Q: I have a co-pay on my health plan. How can physical therapy sessions be affordable for me?

A: We have a discussion with every patient on what would be affordable for them.  We offer payment plans and take credit card as a form of payment. We also provide Care Credit.

Q: I need to pay cash for my physical therapy services. What can we do to address my physical therapy costs?

A: In addition to the payment options discussed in the previous question, we work with patients to develop a self-care plan. This process often reduces the additional formal sessions needed with a physical therapist.

Complementary Consultation Offered to Every Patient

Our therapists are committed to helping you feel better while respecting your concerns regarding physical therapy costs. Come in for a complementary evaluation with one of our licensed physical therapists to create a mutually agreed upon plan.

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