Running Tips: Keep a Strong Core

Posted on Jan 27, 2016

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Running Tips: Keep Your Core Strong

Last week we shared three practical tips to keep you injury free.  Here is another running tip to add to your list: keep your core strong. Most runners I know would prefer to run extra miles than do core. They just don’t like it.  But a strong core plays an important role in staying injury free.  Here is an earlier blog post that talks more about core strength for athletes.  Consider this post a reminder that it is still important.  If you struggle to make core work a part of routine then pick 3-4 exercises to do a few times a week.  Change up your choices each time for variety. Some easy options include:



Plank Challenge

Side plank

side plank

Russian twists

Core Seated Russian Twist





Oblique crunches

oblique crunch


Bridge with knee lifts

Bridge Knee Lift


A quick google search will give you more pictures and further descriptions.  Also, check out our YouTube video, Tri 101 Core Exercises, for demonstrations of these exercises and more.



If you love core and do a lot, keep it up. More is probably better! Questions or comments? Don’t hesitate to email Kari at [email protected]. Have a great rest of the week!