Running Tips: Running in the Winter

Posted on Feb 18, 2016

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Winter is not a favorite time of year for most runners I know.  It is a constant challenge to run when the weather is cold or the footing is bad.  However, there are a few motivational techniques that can keep you moving. Here are a few simple tricks to get you through the season.

Register for a winter race

Participating in a fun run midway through winter is great inspiration.  One example is Seroogy’s Valentines Run 15k. The distance is long enough to require training so it forces you to run even when you want to stay home in your pajamas.  Click here to find your next race.

Run with friends

Better yet, convince your friends to register for the same race. That way you can train together and hold each other accountable.

Run inside

What do you do when the weather turns really cold? When the mercury dips into the single digits and lower, consider running inside.  I can already hear the collective groaning but keep it short and use entertainment such as music, TV or movies to make it more tolerable.  Also try doing small intervals.  If you haven’t been doing speed work then start small and at a moderate pace.  Here is an example of a 9:00 mile:

These “intervals” are not really considered speed work, but that is not your goal.  Your goal is to distract yourself and make the treadmill run more tolerable!

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