Kari Sturtevant | DPT, OCS

Physical Therapist, Co-Owner

[email protected]

Kari founded PEAK Performance on the simple principle — put patients and people first, and the rest will take care of itself. She’s as passionate about that today as she was 20 years ago. And, it’s the reason PEAK has a reputation for excellent outcomes throughout Northeast Wisconsin. 

A love for learning keeps Kari on her toes and at the top of her game. She’s completed over 50 continuing education courses lead by world-renowned educators from across the globe. 

Kari’s special area of interest lies in lower extremity biomechanics — that’s a fancy way of saying she’s particularly suited to helping patients with running related injuries, ACL therapies, and virtually all non-operative and post-operative treatment of feet, ankles and legs. Oooh, and she’s darn skilled at treating shoulders, too! 

Above all else, Kari takes a patient-centric approach to every case she takes on. She leads by example. So, her whole team of Physical Therapists work to care for the entire person…not just the symptoms of an ailment or injury. At PEAK, everyone’s committed to helping patients live life to the fullest. 

A home, Kari’s a single mom of three active children…ages 9, 5 and 5 (yep…twins)! So, she knows just how important it is to stay mobile. When she isn’t chasing after her kids, Kari enjoys running, downhill skiing, traveling, farmers markets and gardening!


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