Nikki Strick | MPT

Physical Therapist

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What do Harrison Ford and a torn ACL have in common? Nikki’s passion for physical therapy was first sparked by the 1991 movie Regarding Henry whose main character (played by Mr. Ford) regains movement and speech through the help and compassion of a physical therapist. A few years later, Nikki blew out both of her ACL’s playing volleyball, requiring surgery and extensive therapy to get her back in the game. Spoilers aside, everybody recovers. And Nikki becomes a physical therapist. 

A lifelong interest in sports, a fascination with body movement, and a genuine compassion for people’s success make Nikki particularly good at what she does. Her motivating spirit naturally encourages patients to take an active role in recovery. And Nikki’s greatest reward is in returning patients to the activities they enjoy most in life.

Nikki loves learning, not only through her pursuit of continued education, but through the unique experience each patient brings to the table. Outside of her career, Nikki loves spending time with family and friends. Her interests include hiking, biking, traveling, reading, and attending her children’s sporting events. And, thanks to a husband and 2 very active sons, she’s pretty much always at-bat! 


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