running clinicWhat is a running clinic?

The Running Clinic is a 10-week program designed for runners to prepare them for the upcoming running season, supplement in-season training, improve form and performance and prevent injuries.

Running, while an excellent and healthy form of exercise, is demanding on the body. The repetitive nature of running puts participants at higher risk for injury. Approximately half of runners will become injured as some point. That is why we developed a unique program specifically tailored for runners like you.

Who runs it?

Kari Sturtevant DPT, OCS, founder and owner of Peak Performance Physical Therapy, developed this unique program and oversees its implementation. Kari has participated in multiple educational conferences pertaining to lower extremity biomechanics and injuries. She also helped develop a national lower extremity biomechanics course and is current with scientifically valid research pertaining to running injuries and running mechanics. Additionally, Kari is active with Pace Setters and Fox Cities Triathlon Club. She presents annually at the Fox Cities Triathlon Club’s Tri 101, a 3 hour informational session for those interested in triathlons, covering the topic of injury prevention in the endurance athlete.

What are the components of the program?

Part 1: Medical and Training History

We will discuss any previous injuries and your current training plan.

Part 2: Physical Therapy Evaluation

We perform a thorough assessment of joint motion, strength, flexibility, balance and body mechanics.

Part 3: Running Gait Analysis

While running on a treadmill we video record your running form and then provide slow motion digital playback and frame-by-frame analysis to further identify imbalances or abnormalities.

Part 4: Individualized Care

This program is individually tailored to each athlete according to their physical therapy evaluation and video gait analysis. Then the participants perform fun and motivational exercises in a group setting twice a week, which includes the following: stretches to improve flexibility, runner-specific strength training, plyometrics, and trunk stability. With proper technique, core-stability and strengthening, you can reduce your risk of injuries and improve your overall running performance.

What is the cost?

This program is FREE to current and past patients of Peak Performance Physical Therapy and only $50 for everyone else.

When does it run?

The Running Clinic runs two days per week for ten weeks from June to August. Typically we meet on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:30 until 11 a.m. but please contact our office to confirm. To sign up click here for registration materials or email Denise Dietz at [email protected].