PT Tips: Why Drink Water?

Posted on May 25, 2011

Why Drink Water? Water is the most abundant, yet possibly the most overlooked, substance in the body. It is impossible to sustain life for more than a week without water. It is necessary for the healthy function of all internal organs. Without water your kidneys won’t function well, your brain won’t work properly, your skin […]

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What’s Your Workout: Does Your Bike Fit You?

Posted on May 05, 2011

Small, Medium or Large? It’s not that simple. I bet that everyone reading this blog knows their shoe size, their shirt size and their pant size….but do you know your bike size? Yes, your bike size. A bike should fit you. From personal experience, I can tell you that finding a bike that fits is […]

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Running Tips: Race Shirts – One Size Does Not Fit All

Posted on Apr 28, 2011

5, 10, 20……..? We’ve all got them….countless race shirts from countless races. But do we actually wear them? In my experience, most t-shirts get shoved in a drawer, pulled out only to wear while painting, gardening or performing some other messy chore. Men and Women Are Different It’s not that I don’t want to wear […]

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PT Tips: The Good Posture Challenge

Posted on Apr 22, 2011

What is posture? Posture refers to the alignment of your body with respect to gravity and is an important part of everyday life. It involves holding your body upright against gravity while standing, sitting or lying down. Good posture requires that you distribute the force of gravity through your whole body so no one structure […]

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PT Tips: Nutrition is a Big Problem with a Simple Solution

Posted on Mar 18, 2011

On January 31st the Department of Agriculture and of Health and Human Services released a new set of dietary guidelines for Americans. The guidelines, being both sensible and affordable, provide Americans with the information they need to make thoughtful food choices that emphasize nutrient dense foods and minimize nutrient poor ones. In America, the majority […]

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